Researching the Heart only $1.99!

From the 4th September to 11th September, you can get yourself a digital copy of my new book, Researching the Heart for only $1.99 (original price $3.10)!

From 8AM PDT (4PM GMT, 12:30AM ACST), the Amazon Kindle version of my new romance novel will be 36% off!

You can get it here:

Sylvia Williams, a young attractive heart surgeon, is driven out of her hospital by the arrogant, hateful and changeable ways of her senior research consultant, Dr Jonathan Philip-Hankle. She hates his lies and cannot trust him in any way. But when he realizes he loves her and cannot cope without her, he may have left it too late. He is researching the heart in more ways than one. How can a lovely innocent girl so cruelly treated, come to terms with an apparent conniving madman?

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