Olive Youngly Romantic Love Stories

The Damaged Heart: A Romantic Short Story by Olive Youngly is now available on Kindle.com!

The Damaged Heart

Aiden, a wounded soldier retired from active army service is bitter, afraid and unpleasantly unsociable. When Patsy tries to help him, she is rudely rejected. When he comes to assist her in a pub dispute, she thinks he might have changed, but he’s a damaged man with a damaged heart. Is there any hope?

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With All Of My Heart: A Romantic Short Story by Olive Youngly is now available on Kindle.com!

With All Of My Heart

Allison receives a knock on her door by a dishevelled tramp. She is surprised to discover Ethan, an ex-boyfriend who claims he is needing a place to stay for the night so he can clean up to go for a job.  When Allison discovers that Ethan has been in prison for drug offences, she has doubts about his real motives. She wants to trust him with all of her heart, but dare she?

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Researching the Heart: An Intriguing Romantic Novel by Olive Youngly, will be published both  on Kindle.com and also available through Amazon on the 26th of May 2016!


Sylvia Williams, a young attractive heart surgeon at the forefront of cardiac research, is driven out of her hospital by the arrogant, hateful ways of her senior research consultant, Dr. Jonathan Philip-Hankle.

But when he realises he loves her and cannot work without her, he may have left it too late. He is researching the heart in more ways than one.

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